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Updated: Apr 18, 2022

If you are looking for a way to improve your self-esteem and body image, why not give a boudoir photo shoot a try. Get a chance to see yourself through my lens and realize just how breathtakingly beautiful you are.

Photography allows us to capture cherished and memorable milestones in our lives. Everything from graduation and weddings to pregnancy, we all want these special moments captured to evoke nostalgia many years later. These photos serve as the legacy we leave behind for our children and children’s children.

Yet, photography does more than just capture special moments; they are a form of communication. They communicate our personality and interests. However, I feel I take photography a step further, using it as a tool for empowerment.

Although I have been photographing and helping both women and men see themselves in a more positive way for over 2 decades, it was my own battle in 2016 with Alopecia Areata (an autoimmune disease which took all of my hair) that changed everything. The camera in my hand became my superpower. Every click of the camera was a step towards confidence, emotional healing and strength. Additionally, my years of experience have given me an unmatched skill set in boudoir photography and passion towards empowerment in helping others with their self- esteem and confidence levels.

My studio, based in Miami has been growing steadily in terms of popularity at an enviable rate. I am now traveling to other city's, state's and even country's, implementing different elements of my talents and skills such as lighting, posing, styling and makeup to help transform my clients.

Whatever image I capture of my clients, depicts how I see them from the very beginning; beautiful, confident and powerful. Notably, my Boudoir Photography company specializes in taking sensual photos that encourage positive body self- image, positive self- esteem and overall confidence. If you walked in doubting yourself, seeing yourself in my photographs will make you feel like a million bucks.

"Her sweet and kind personality coupled with her level of professionalism goes a long way in making a client feel comfortable. Of course, her patience and her uncanny ability to strike up a conversation will have you feeling like you’ve been longtime friends. This will not only have you smiling, but will help you feel comfortable in your own skin."

"Her guidance during the photo session will undoubtedly make anyone feel like a supermodel. There’s no room for self- doubt in her studio as she magically transforms the photo session into a therapeutic session. It’s healing, it’s empowering and liberating."

"If you’re looking for a special way to treat yourself or/and your loved one, look no further than Boudoir Photography. If you are looking for a way to improve your self-esteem and body image, get Boudoir Photography on speed dial. Get a chance to see yourself through Marilyn Scavo’s lens and realize just how breathtakingly beautiful you are."

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