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Fine Art Albums


Our  acrylic cover flush mounted fine art albums are high-quality, premium albums that are designed to showcase your most cherished memories in a stunning and elegant way. This type of album features a cover made of clear acrylic that provides a sleek and modern look, while also ensuring durability and protection for the photographs inside.


Album Cover Materials

album 4.jpg

Album Sizes


Fine Art Albums

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The pages of a flush mounted album are printed on high-quality photographic paper that is designed to last for generations. The pages are then mounted flush with the edge of the book, creating a clean and seamless appearance that allows your photographs to take center stage. An acrylic cover is available in most album sizes with the acrylic updrade.

album 3.jpg

The album typically features a lay-flat design, which means that the pages are bound in such a way that they can be opened completely flat, allowing for full-page spreads that showcase your images in all their glory. This design also ensures that there is no interference from the binding when viewing the photographs.

Album Details

Acid-free and lignin-free neutral pH paper masterfully absorbs ink to offer powerful colors, distinct contrasts and the broadest possible range of light to dark tones. The papers offer real matte finishes and soft textures that will last a lifetime.

fine-art-album-4 (2).jpg

 Album showcases a core thickness that’s truly in a league of its own. The album’s innovative binding offers the epitome of thickness for those seeking an unrivaled classic heirloom album experience.



Gilding can be applied to page edges in Gold, Silver or Black.


Painting can be applied to page edges in an unlimited range of printed colors or as images.



Substrates can come in a black core or white core.

Raised Varnishing

We offer raised varnishing on covers in 34 fonts, which is transparent. Raised varnishing can include UV Print that comes in an unlimited range of printed colors. This is available for Genuine Leather and Leatherette except for Crocodile Leatherettes.

Acrylic Cameo Cover Album

This Album cover style includes a
precision cut acrylic inlay.

The precision cut acrylic inlay
comes in three different styles shown below.


Raised Foil

We offer raised foil on covers in 34 fonts and 4 colors: Gold, Matte Gold, Silver, Matte Silver.


This is available for Genuine Leather and Leatherette except for Crocodile Leatherettes.


Custom Album Cover Options

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album 1-2_edited.png
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