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Elige tu plan de precios

  • Portfolio Building

    Cada mes
    Perfect for beginners to boudoir photography
    Válido por 3 meses
    • Take portfolio worthy images with a variety of models.
    • Models will be styled, posed and lit for you.
    • Final images will be reviewed and selected with you.
    • Feedback & editing suggestions included.
    • One group session per month.
    • Two models per session.
    • Available in Studio Only.
  • One-on-One Training

    For photographers that want to fine tune their skills.
    Válido por un mes
    • Sixteen hours of training
    • Each lesson will be created specifically for your needs.
    • Classes are available in person or by video chat.
    • Schedule designed to your convenience.
    • 8 days (2 hours), 4 days (4 hours), or 2 days (8 hours)
  • Mentoring Program

    Cada mes
    Fast track from a beginner to a pro in one year
    Válido por 6 meses
    • Two One-on-One session per week, in person or video chat.
    • Access to all group portfolio building sessions with models.
    • Full Day studio use for your own clients (Once per month).
    • Access to all marketing materials and posing guides.
    • Available in Studio.
  • Fast Track Business

    Cada mes
    Be ready to open a boudoir business in two month
    Válido por 2 meses
    • One Hour Daily One-on-One Sessions (Mon-Fri).
    • Extensive Posing & Lighting Training.
    • Weekly Studio and On Location Shoots for Portfolio Building.
    • Pro Editing Techniques and Tricks.
    • Website Development.
    • Social Media Presence and Content Creation.
    • Photographic Style Development.
    • Working with Real Clients.
    • Client Relationship Development Skills.
    • Location Scouting and Set Building Trainings.
    • Access to all templates, forms, and posing guides.
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