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National Nude Day Is The Perfect Day To Celebrate Your Beautiful Body With These 14 Affirmations

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Our human bodies are absolutely incredible. They are the vessels of our hearts and souls, never forget it.

Body-positive affirmations can transform your mindset, and, I promise, you will see, feel, and experience the difference in your life. Your thoughts shape everything, how you react, how you feel, how you communicate. Repeating these bold, powerful statements, will help you actually believe in yourself and your body.

Keep in mind that sometimes it's hard to jump from negative self-talk right to positive ones. Feel free to think of neutral statements about your body and go from there. For instance, some neutral mantras include, "I am human," "I can tolerate my body," and "My body is strong and houses essential organs."

Start with body acceptance. I know, I know, it's easier said than done. But with time, you will witness a mindset shift and begin to love, respect, and admire your body. Maybe you'll join me and participate in National Nude Day one year! 1. My body deserves to be loved and taken care of 2. I will treat my body with respect, as I do with my friends 3. My body is my home and I will build it up, not tear it down 4. I am human, and to be human means to be imperfectly perfect 5. I love the person staring back at me 6. I trust that my body knows what it needs 7. My worth is not defined by my weight, body size, or body type 8. Everybody is beautiful 9. My body helps me move, walk, dance, and do my favorite things 10. Me and my body have a purpose in this world 11. I accept myself as I am right now 12. No matter what society says, me and my body will always deserve respect 13. My body is powerful and strong. It can do so much 14. I am HOT with a capital "H"

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