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To truly make your man's jaw drop, create a boudoir photo shoot that incorporates items from his closet, showcasing his passion. Here's how:

1. Wardrobe choice: Select clothing from his closet that represents his hobby, such as a fishing shirt or jersey with his favorite sports team.

2. Personalized props: Incorporate props related to his hobby, like fishing gear, sports equipment, or memorabilia that he treasures.

3. Location and lighting: Choose a setting and lighting that complements the theme, such as a natural outdoor backdrop for fishing or a sports-themed ambiance for other hobbies.

4. Playful poses: Experiment with poses that subtly reference his passion, like posing with a football or holding a fishing rod.

5. Surprise factor: Keep the photo shoot a secret until the big reveal, and watch his jaw drop when he sees you combining his hobby with a boudoir shoot.

By adding these elements and the "from his closet" touch, you'll create a boudoir gift that's both intimate and uniquely tailored to his interests, making it a memorable and special experience.

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